Bryan Betts - writer for hire

Hi, I'm Bryan Betts, and I am a UK-based freelance journalist specialising in business, engineering and information technology. You may have recently seen my work in Engineering & Technology (the magazine of the IET, where I also did a two-year stint as Manufacturing Editor), The Register, Computer Weekly, SearchStorageUK, Datacentre Dynamics, or the WANspeak blog, for example.

Other places where you might have read my work over the last few years include Cloud Pro, TechWeekEurope, SNS UK, TheWhereBusiness, Techworld (and various other IDG titles as a result), The H, SearchNetworkingUK, The Review, ITPRO, supplements in The Times, and in the Sunday Telegraph. I have also written for London Drinker, What's Brewing (including BEER Magazine) and The Guardian, and lots of others in the more distant past. I've written for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual publications.

Many of my stories are online, so if you are looking for clippings or anything specific, please try a Google or an Ask on my name. (I am not the guitar-player with the MySpace page, nor am I the book author or the SAP programmer who posts on one or two of the SAP forums. I am quite a few of the others who will turn up in the search, however, including the beer writer BeerViking)

I've also written various reports, white papers and case studies for other folks, and taken part in radio programmes for BBC World Service, BBC7 and BFBS. I have TV experience from other areas of life, this includes appearances on BBC1, BBC2, Channel4, History Channel, Bravo, Discovery Channel and UKTV Food.

Topics that I've covered include:

A short CV: I have been freelance since the start of 1994. I am a member of both the NUJ and the British Guild of Beer Writers, and I'm NCTJ-trained (National Council for the Training of Journalists), although I never got around to collecting the bit of paper to prove it. My degrees (a BSc and a Masters in Engineering Science) are from Warwick University. I also hold a City & Guilds 7407 stage 1 qualification in teaching adults in further education.

Telephone: 020 8580 9725 (with voice-mail) or 07753 863 242 - please do try the former before you try the latter. I prefer given the choice. Fax is feasible, but by appointment only and not on the numbers above.

I also help moderate Fleet Street Forum, a mailing list for UK media professionals - to read the messages on our mailing list click here, and to request list membership go here.

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